A Canadian Career You Can Thrive In

Your career in the Canadian Oil & Gas or Energy industry is full of opportunity. The key is building a partnership with someone who can help you advance your career, provide guidance along the way, and maintain a high level of confidentiality.

Executive, Management and Senior Technical Professionals

At Casey & Associates, we work solely with Canadian companies within the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors who require individuals ranging from senior professionals to C-Suite executives. Specifically, the key disciplines and career paths that we can assist you with include:

  • Engineering:

    ranging from reservoir, exploitation, production, operations, environmental, drilling &am; completions, and projects
  • Finance:

    Why your company has been successful to date
  • Geoscience

    The soft skills (e.g. supervisory abilities, evaluation skills, personality traits, etc.) required to be successful in the position
  • Land

If you are looking for a career move within these sectors and professional levels, know that we look to understand how your career motivations and aspirations will fit with an open opportunity with one of our clients.

Casey & Associates: Your Career Enhancement Partner

By utilizing our screening, recruitment, and placement expertise, you have a partner to support your career growth. From connecting you with top companies in Canada to advising you on positions that meet your career objectives, you have a partner that supports you.

Working with our team, you can be sure that your next career move will:

  • Be discreet and confidential until you are ready for your information to be shared
  • Ensure you are matched with the right corporate culture, growth potential, and skill requirements
  • Have a recruiter who understands your skills, abilities, and career goals
  • Support your goals should your skill-set and experience match one of our active searches

To learn more or Submit Your Resume contact us today.