Executive Recruiting for More than the “Right Skills”

We Find You the RIGHT Person

Filling your specific executive, managerial, and senior level professional needs requires more than a database of candidates. It requires a search firm with experience, creativity, confidentiality, and integrity.

Initial Discovery

As a retainer executive search firm, we are here to help support your company in its corporate objectives. Therefore, no matter the position you are proactively looking for, the first step is to always have an initial discovery conversation to ensure we find the right fit for your company. In this conversation, we discover:

  • Your current company culture
  • Why your company has been successful to date
  • The soft skills (e.g. supervisory abilities, evaluation skills, personality traits, etc.) required to be successful in the position
  • Your timeline for having the right person identified, assessed, and hired
  • The type of technical assets the individual should have
  • How to proactively assist and work with you in defining your requirements to guarantee a successful search outcome

By completing this type of discovery, we are better able to assist in helping you build your company for the long term.

Candidate Sourcing

To source a qualified candidate, we always draw on our extensive professional network and experience recruiting:

  • Database:

    Research our comprehensive up-to-date, industry focused database to source candidates who support the cultural fit and objectives of your company
  • Industry Network:

    In addition, we will utilize our greater industry network connections to identify potential individuals who meet your criteria. Here, we ensure your company details remain confidential
  • Candidate Marketplace:

    We work with both active and passive candidates, allowing you the opportunity for greater success in sourcing the right individual for your company
  • Screening:

    Through our Energy industry expertise, along with our in-depth understanding of your company and goals, we are able to source a short list of quality candidates that meet your criteria

Candidate Review / Presentation

We present you with the candidates whom, we believe, will add to your organization from both a cultural fit and performance perspective. Your retainer search is about ensuring that we find candidates who will thrive and grow with you.

Your Interview Process

To assist with your interviewing process, we can provide a thorough list of interview questions based on our initial discovery of what your company requires. These questions will help you gain further insight and comfort with the individual’s personality / interpersonal abilities, career objectives / goals, attitude, and performance indicators, along with their technical skill set. By having these candidates identified as the best of the best for your company through our interview and extensive screening process, you are able to efficiently and effectively hire the right individual.

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