Privacy Policy

Collecting Information

As an executive search firm, Casey & Associates has clients for whom we conduct searches to find qualified individuals for specified positions. We search for candidates using several methods including searching our contact list, market research, marketplace networking, and occasionally advertising. When contacted, a potential candidate is informed as to the nature of the position and its requirements, and may make the decision to pursue the opportunity or to reject it. Should a potential candidate wish to pursue an opportunity, an in person meeting or interview will be arranged to discuss the assignment further.

Consequently, through the normal course of our business we receive resumes and other personal or private information on individuals. An individual may also provide personal information to us through conversations and interviews. Should an individual provide us with references, further personal information may be collected. All private or personal information obtained by Casey & Associates is used solely in the operation of our search business and is held in strict confidence. No personal or private information will ever be sold to anyone, nor will it be released to any person or corporation without the consent of the individual.

Release of Information

When Casey & Associates is in receipt of any information from a candidate; it is kept absolutely confidential until consent for its release is granted by the individual. In all cases, candidates will always be informed as to the name of the client, its business, and the specifics of the position prior to the release of information. Consent may be in written or verbal format according to the circumstances.

In cases where Casey & Associates selects to present an individual to a client and the candidate chooses to pursue an opportunity, the individual’s credentials, educational background and resume will be forwarded to the client. Based on our interview and follow up conversations with a candidate, Casey & Associates also composes a report with additional information in order to present the client with a well-rounded view of the individual’s skills and assets. Compensation information, expectations, and Casey & Associates opinions and comments regarding an individuals’ suitability will also be discussed solely with the client. Casey & Associates may request candidates to provide references that can comment on the individual’s skills and abilities. Information gained from references will also be presented and discussed with the client.

Should a candidate choose not to pursue an opportunity, no information will be presented to the client. Casey & Associates may hold the information provided by the candidate so we can contact the individual in the future to discuss other opportunities.

Storage of Information

Casey & Associates adheres to a privacy policy governed by Alberta’s Personal Information and Protection Act (P.I.P.A.) and, when applicable, the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (P.I.P.E.D.A.) in all business activities.

All Information, including but not limited to:

  • Hard copy resumes and contact information
  • Soft copy resumes and contact information, including email
  • References collected on candidates via hard copy or email
  • Hard copy interview notes
  • Hard copy educational records
  • Hard and soft copy background check information

is kept in a secure environment. Hard copy information is stored in a locked cabinet accessible only by Casey & Associates staff. Soft copy information is stored in a password, firewall, and virus protected environment.

Information Management

Casey & Associates will ensure that no personal information is misused or lost. All hard copy information will be destroyed after five years of storage with the exception of contact information and other necessary information to assist us in contacting you in the future.

You are entitled to contact Casey & Associates to determine the status of, and if any, personal information about you that is retained by the organization. We reserve the right to ask for written notice of the request prior to verification or updating of any personal information held by Casey & Associates. Casey & Associates will endeavour to respond to a request within seven (7) business days.

Individuals are also permitted to contact Casey & Associates to inquire as to the status of any personal information retained and request that it be destroyed. Should an individual wish to have all information held by Casey & Associates deleted, this request must be received in writing.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact:

Last Updated: July 16, 2020